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Census relies on strong industry partnerships to make the difference. Hear from Ian Mulholland on our relationship with Interserve and his views on the partnership so far.

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Voluntary organisations who can help people find work upon release from prison have a crucial role to play at a very challenging time. According to the Government’s own stats only 17% of people are in PAYE employment a year after they leave prison. There are many barriers to getting and keeping a job and the support of a voluntary organisation to walk alongside you, make links with employers and help you every step of the way is often needed as the intensive support required is not always provided by the public sector.
Anne Fox
Chief Executive Officer, Clinks
Our aim at High Down has been to provide an avenue that allows individuals to learn skills that are transferable when released. Gaining valuable social and communication skills that will assist in reducing reoffending and primarily working in an environment that replicates a call centre found in any location around the country. This instils a level of worth that will certainly improve employability options. Our agents working for Census Group are part of the team and this has been a perfect partnership that shows there are different options on release. There are certainly some extremely talented individuals who just need to be guided and be given an opportunity.
Alexander Keedens
Deputy Head of Reducing Reoffending, HMP High Down
Interactive have worked with Census for over 4 years on a number of different projects ranging from data supply to fully managed standalone models. They have been a massive contributing factor in the growth and success of our campaigns and ultimately our overall business. From compliance to the performance of the data and leads we achieve with Census, their offering is the strongest, most scalable and sustainable lead acquisition channel in the UK market today.
Robbie Boal

Serco on the importance of ‘real work’ within prison walls

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