What We Do

Through the effective delivery of our in-custody work programme, our colleagues develop relevant skills and experience that will be highly valued by any employer.

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We foster a workplace where employees have equal access to ongoing support, as well as progression opportunities to create a better future for themselves.

Tried & Tested

Over 7,000 people in prison have completed our programmes and we have provided thousands of job references upon release. We have directly employed over 300 people as home workers and at our head office in that period.

Community Reintegration

The key to our success is providing people in custody with an authentic work environment with a guaranteed offer of employment on release.

Creating Opportunities

Census Life are one of the largest employers of people in prisons across England and Wales. We have grown to currently employ circa 250 men and women across 11 prisons every day.

Leading By Example

We lead by example with over 90% of our employees having a previous criminal conviction and we are uniquely positioned to highlight the benefits to other businesses.

Facilitating Connections

We partner with other organisations and businesses who have a similar ethos to our own, to open up opportunities for our team prior to their release.

Setting The Scene

Duncan O’Leary of the New Futures Network (NFN) explains how Census Life fit into the wider landscape of rehabilitation and reintegration.

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Trusted In The Sector