Why We Do It

Berwyn On Census Life

What drives us forward with our mission is when we see first-hand our colleagues striving to build a better future for themselves on a daily basis. Hearing from them how they value their work is precisely why we do what we do, so when we caught up with some of the guys at HMP Berwyn, we thought we’d share their experiences with you.

"Total game-changers"

Andy Cook, Chief Executive of the Centre for Social Justice, shares his thoughts on how Census are game-changers both for “lives and for the system”. 

Prisons have worked with us
People trained

Over 11 million people in the UK have a previous criminal conviction. We recognised that this represents a huge talent pool of people that our business, and others, can directly benefit from. 

Evidence suggests that having a previous conviction hinders someone’s ability to find work, provide for their family and contribute effectively to the local economy.

The benefits of this are wide reaching, including the strengthening of family ties and a reduction in potential intergenerational offending.

Too many employers are focused on what individuals have done in the past rather than how they can contribute to their businesses moving forward.